Environment and city greenery

Children’s Playgrounds:

Currently there are 57 children’s playgrounds under command of Section of City Greenery of  City Quarter Office of Prague 5. Since 2000 all these playgrounds have been reconstructed. From 2002 till now the city quarter has invested 26,500,000 CZK into children’s playing elements. The old ones, which were not in compliance with the EU standards, were exchanged, at the same time some of the playgrounds were enlarged and better furnished. Since 2002 all playgrounds have been provided with fences (the last one in spring 2006). 

The biggest and the best furnished children’s playground include Dětský ostrov (Children’s Island) with plenty of attractions for the youngest and older children as well, a children’s playground in the park Sacre Coeur above the shopping mall Nový Smíchov, a children’s playground Okrouhlík, a playground Aréna at Hořejší embarkment (The Upper Riverside), a children’s playground Butovická, Bochovská, a children’s playground in the park Santoška and a children’s playground in the park Husovy sady, etc.

Furthermore, in Prague 5 there are 5 playgrounds for ball games with artificial surface, they are located in Dětský ostrov (Children’s Island), in Aréna, in the park Sacre Coeur, in children’s playground Okrouhlík, in the blocks of flats Homolka next to Brdlíkova Street, and this year a playground for ball games with artificial surface at sports ground at Radlická - Pechlátova Street was added.

The newly built or completely reconstructed playgrounds are:

Dětský ostrov (Children’s Island): in 2002 a complete reconstruction of Dětský ostrov was accomplished, technical and vegetation elements (paths, reinforced areas, bushes and tree zones) were reconstructed, the playground was newly furnished with playing elements, there is also a big playground for ball games with artificial surface, a small skateboard place and plenty of  playing elements for all age categories of children. The costs of total reconstruction of  Dětský ostrov were13,000,000 CZK.

In 2003 a complete reconstruction of the playground Butovická was accomplished, the new shape of playground includes a skateboard place, a playground for small children with various playing elements and a park area around playground. The costs of total reconstruction of Butovická were 4,500,000 CZK. In 2004 a new playground in the gorge of the park Sacre Coeur was built, above the shopping mall Nový Smíchov, in the area of totally unattended land a new big children’s playground with attractions for all age groups of kids appeared. The playground is well set into the greenery, there is a silent area here.

In 2004 at Hamsíkova and Brdlíkova Street there was built a playground for ball games with artificial grass-plot, wherein the costs of building the playground were 1,800,000 CZK. In the park Husovy sady in the area under the Černý vrch there was built a new children’s playground for total costs of 2,000,000 CZK.
In these days there was accomplished a new playground in the park Vrch Mrázovka, the total constructing costs for the playground in the upper part of the park were 2,000,000 CZK. At the same time there a reconstruction of children’s playground Radlická-Pechlátova Street was accomplished, a total renewal of technical elements was carries out here (a fence, paths, movables) and playground has been fully furnished with playing elements. The costs of total reconstruction were 3,500,000 CZK.


In the territory of Prague 5 there are about 100 green sites which are maintaned by Section of City Greenery. It is responsible for big parks, small ones and also small green areas. The most important of them include:

Park Sacre Coeur. During the last four years this park has been significantly changed. An unattended area used by homeless people and utilized as a dumping site has become a very attractive and beautiful park with a big children’s playground, with orchard, plenty of new trees, interesting lawns and blossoming meadows, new movables and picnic sites for gathering of people. New trees and bushes, further benches  and playgrounds are gradually added.      

Portheimka Park. This park is gradually being reconstructed. During the last years the movables have been added, a baroque fountain was relocated and put into service. This year an artificial irrigation system and a ground park lighting was installed and a new grass lawn was put. The park was planted with a number of new trees and bushes. The additional planting continued in autumn 2006.   

Park at Arbes Square. In 2000 a complete reconstruction of the park at Arbes Square began. Originally it was an unattended ground, which became an attractive park with a fountain and lawns. The park is utilized for relaxing and gathering. In the whole park there have been built new paths, installed new benches, in the middle of the park there was placed a fountain and a park is planted with bushes and flower lawns.

Park Klamovka. During the last years Klamovka has been gradually reconstructed, the path system is being renewed, abutment walls around the park have been repaired, the new trees have been planted. In the middle of the park there was created a playground with sand and a rest place. The neo-gothic arbour was renovated. During the last year also the statues situated in this park were reconstructed.

Park Santoška. Park Santoška has been gradually reconstructed, the path system is being renewed, as well as trees and bushes zone. A park drainage system is being repaired this year.  

Park at Kinsky Square. In 2002 in the middle of the Kinsky square there was installed a fountain “Propadliště času” (End of times) and area around it was reconstructed. This fountain belongs to the most beautiful and interesting modern fountains in the whole Prague.     

Park Vrch Mrázovka. A reconstruction of the park Vrch Mrázovka has been carried out since 2002, originally it was shaggy ground hardly to pass through, with a lot of illegal dumping sites. It served as a shelter for homeless people and brave dog owners. Currently the park Vrch Mrázovka is an exquisite park with new paths, stairways with beautiful wooden handrails and a new park arrangement in the bottom part. There is a playground for ball games, a sports ground for older children, a petanque ground. The latest investment was construction of a playground for small children. From the park Vrch Mrázovka there is a nice view of Prague and it becomes a popular place not only for local inhabitants but also for the visitors of Prague, also thanks to the near landmark Bertramka.   

Park Sady na Skalce. In the park there was created a small pond, there has been renewed a path system and abutment wall directed to Kováků Street, the movables were added.

Park Husovy sady. In the park there was reconstructed an abutment wall and a road which leads to upper part of the park and to Černý vrch. In the bottom part of the park there was built a playground for ball games and reconstructed a children’s playground. The movables were added to the park. 

Park at The 14th October Square. In this park there was reconstructed a part around the subway station. The new trees were planted, new flower lawns were created, new fencing was installed and a path system was renewed. In the other part of the park there was gradually reconstructed Medvědí fontána (Bear fountain). A new project for an overall reconstruction of The 14th October Square has been prepared, it covers the area around St. Wenceslas Church, around Medvědí fontána and a connection to Porheimka Park.   

Park Předpolí Dětského ostrova (a foreland of Children’s Island). In 2003 this park was completely reconstructed. A path system was renewed, new trees, bushes and rose lawns were planted, new benches were added.    

Park Dienzenhofferovy sady. The new movables were added, a fountain was put into operation and young trees are gradually being planted here.

Park U Zdravotního střediska (the park next to the Health Care Centre). In 2004 a maintenance of the park next to Health Care Centre in Hlubočepy was commenced. In originally an unattended ground there appeared an old garden set up in a very interesting way, with a number of big trees and continuous cover of ivy.  


According to particular years:


Fountain “Propadliště času” at Kinsky Square, costs 13,000,000 CZK, a fountain construction and reconstruction of the middle part of the square. 

Playground Dětský ostrov, costs 13,000,000 CZK, general reconstruction of the whole area of the park, children’s playgrounds constructions.

Park Klamovka, abutment wall in directon to Plzeň Street, costs 1,700,000 CZK, a wall reconstruction, small pond in the park Sady na Skalce, 2,000,000 CZK.


Park at The 14th October Square, costs 6,000,000 CZK, general reconstruction of square, part around subway station.

Park Klamovka, the middle part, area with sand, costs 900,000 CZK, a construction of a rest area with sand in the middle part of the park.

Park Husovy sady, an abutment wall and path system, costs 4,000,000 CZK, reconstruction of  abutment wall and paths in direction to  Černý vrch.

Playground at Butovická Street, costs 4,500,000 CZK, general reconstruction of the whole playground and park, playground for smallest children, skateboard area.

Park Předpolí Dětského ostrova, reconstruction of the park, costs 6,700,000 CZK, general reconstruction of the park, movables, paths, greenery.

Park Klamovka, reconstruction of the neo-gothic arbour, costs 2,100,000 CZK.


The accomplishment of Park Santoška, path system, costs 2,200,000 CZK, accomplishment of path system.

14th October Square, artificial park irrigation, park fencing, costs 800,000 CZK, area around subway station, construction of artificial park irrigation and park fencing.

Playground Sacre Coeur, costs 3,600,000 CZK, construction of children’s playground in the Park  Sacre Coeur.

Park Klamovka, an abutment wall to U Demartinky Street, costs 1,600,000 CZK, reconstruction of the abutment wall.

Playground Brdlíkova Street, sports ground with artificial grass surface, costs 1,800,000 CZK.

Park Vrch Mrázovka, park regeneration, costs 6,100,000 CZK,  paths system renewal, reparation of public lighting, reparation of abutment walls in the park and to Na Zatlance Street. 

Park Sady Na Skalce, costs 3,500,000 CZK, reparation of abutment wall and reconstruction of part of main paths.



Park Vrch Mrázovka, costs 1,000,000 CZK, accomplishment of the park and side paths system.

Park Portheimka, restoration and relocation of  the fountain, costs 550,000 CZK.

Accomplishment of the playground Sacre Coeur, costs 250,000 CZK.



Park Portheimka, park ground lighting, artificial irrigation system, puting a new grass lawn, costs  3,000,000 CZK.

Children’s playground at Radlická and Pechlátova Street, general reconstruction of children’s playground, sports ground with artificial surface for ball games, new playing elements and movables, new fencing and path system. 

Playground in the Mrázovka park, at one of the stages of the park there was built a children’s playground.

Park area at Bochovská Street, in the autumn 2006 the construction of park area at Bochovská Street and Kohoutových Street began.

The activity „Tree into each street“ began in the autumn 2006 by planting trees in Zborovská  Street. The tree planting will gradualy continue also in the Streets Na Bělidle, Radlická, etc.

Cleannes of the city:

The cleaning of pavements and public area is being carried out in most vulnerable localities of  Prague 5, i.e. in the area of Smíchov and Košíře. In some street the cleaning is performed by hand, the whole surfaces of pavements are swept.


A mechanical cleaning service is provided in the area of central Smíchov, it is a wet way of cleaning, during the winter the cleaning service includes also removal of snow from pavements in selected streets.

There is carried out a daily cleaning service in the pedestrian zone Anděl, there is always one cleaning person during the whole day. The cleaning contract has been signed for an unlimited time.

The litter network is enlarged and regulary complemented, within the area of Prague 5 there have been installed the litters for dogs excrements (within the whole Prague 5 there are now 110 pieces). The dog excrements litters are cleaned daily and new paper sacks are complemented daily.

The dog excrements are removed from the selected streets and park areas by a special vacuum cleaner.

On January 3rd, 2005 a collecting yard in Jinonice (Puchmajer Street) was opened and another one was opened on October 7th, 2006 in Smíchov (Ke Kotlářce Street). The collecting yard is a place where people can dump big volume waste and communal waste free of charge.

The number of containers and network for system of waste separation is regularly checked. In the case of need the frequency of removal of individual types of waste (glass, paper, plastic) is increased. Recently the containers for cardboard were distributed in Prague 5. The current network of sites with containers for cardboard recycling includes 209 containers. 

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