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Business Centre

Main goals of Business Centre

  • raising awareness of Czech entrepreneurs of conditions and possibilities for doing business
  • improving communication among entrepreneurs, state administration and self administration
  • creating a correct and successful business environment
    helping the entrepreneurs-beginners
  • distributing up-to-date information and professional advice related to doing business
  • more pleasant intermediation of contacts among entrepreneurs, offices of state administration and self administration

Provided information

  • information on conditions for doing business in all fields
  • procedures for registration of a trade licence or a company
  • review of legal norms, provisions and regulations
  • review of forms required for doing business
  • information on offices - revenue office, trades licensing office, administration of social security, labour office, criminal register, etc.
  • information on the city quarter
  • information on a single European market
  • information on possibilities for obtaining and drawing grants (in CR and in EU)
  • information on activities of District Chamber of Commerce (DCHC) in Prague 5 and of civil association Hospodáři Praha (Entrepreneurs of Prague)

Ways of receiving the questions from entrepreneurs

  • by telephone
  • electronically by mail in the form available on web sites
  • in writing to the address of the information centre
  • personally in the informationa centre (prepared forms)

Business Centre

Address: Preslova 5, 150 00 Prague 5 (entrance from The 14th October Sq.)
Telephone: +420 226 200 995
E-mail: info (at)

ICQ: 469726537

Skype: pc.preslova

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